Spotlight: Erick Jimenez, Unethical Panama real Estate Agent

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Erick Jimenez Arias of

If you, or anyone you know, has had real estate dealings with Erick Jimenez, and were lied to, mislead, unethically manipulated, or physically assaulted by him, please tell us about it.

You may be eligible to join in the pending lawsuit and complaints against him.

In addition, if you paid him a commission, he may be liable to return that money to you, with interest.  This is because Erick Jimenez is an unlicensed realtor. Despite his lack of a license, Erick works as a real estate agent in both Panama and Costa Rica.

However, there are many unlicensed realtors in Panama. The over-riding issue is that Erick is very comfortable with bending the truth to ensure he gets a commission check.  People report that he has looked them straight in the eyes and lied about critical details of a real estate deal.

Despite this, most people report that Erick is a very polite and effective real estate agent.  In fact, many of his deals go through with no problems or negative repercussions.  However, especially when the potential commission is high, he has been know to be unscrupulous.

One seller has even reported (with eye-witnesses) that Erick punched him when the seller refused to sign what the seller determined was a shady and misleading sale agreement.  For more information, click here for assault details.

Erick Jimenez acts as’s one & only real estate agent in Panama.

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Please Ask Jimmy Wellborn, Owner Of, To Stop Employing Disreputable Real Estate Agents

Property Tropics is owned by James (Jimmy) J. Wellborn (pictured right, of

Destin, Florida & David, Panama) and George R C Kingston (of Atlanta Georgia).  They are large-scale real estate developers and partners in multiple corporations in the USA and in Panama.

Erick Jimenez’s primary office and current home is in Puerto Armuelles, Panama.  Erick is not from Panama. He is from Jaco, Costa Rica.

Please join us in petitioning to stop using unlicensed and unethical real estate agents.

You Can Help Protect Panama Property Buyers
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